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The Nearly Daily Bleh

The Life and Times of Kitty


long ago I used to sail between the stars but now i've forgotten how and i'm sad

i remember when i was little, i used to want to be a microbiologist. i used to want to find the cures for diseases. now i want to package that laundry detergent better.- fuzzdecay

dammit... i hate thinking that there is a distinct possibility that i am currently on fire.

EquusK was abandoned by her family and left to fend off hungry wolves in the city of Atlanta, using only her bare hands and teeth.

Yup, she doesn't really expect to survive that long either.

Odds of lasting more than two days: not good.

Actually, EquusK is a wandering person, kind-of living in Atlanta, Georgia, and kind-of living in New Jersey, the great Garden State, where she spent most of her life.

Interesting quotes from an interesting man....
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