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Monster Updates!!!!

Okay, before I end up answering in a million and one comments and e-mails as to what I've been up to, let's just do a mass posting.

Mah Educmacation
I'm back in school yet again. This quarter's actually getting interesting and mildly challenging. Taking BIO 102 and CHEM 101. The bio's actually getting into phylum breakdown (*starting on Monday night with Protista - argh! quiz on the first three phyla of biflagellated protists!), which is pretty cool. My study group (*The Lesbian Foot Fetishists..... don't ask) finally has males to our membership, which is cool and should make for good times when we get together to study for the upcoming unit 1 exam, get trashed, and go hang in the hot tub.

Chem has me back lighting up bunsen burners like something out of a bad high school movie. My lab partner is awful. She just wants to copy the data from other teams. Now, I would be alright with this if it weren't for the fact that my teacher requires us to mass materials out to 3 decimals on the electronic balances. Somehow, I *think* the teacher's going to catch on if groups start showing the same exact masses to three decimals. That could just be me.

Movie time!
Okay, not going to lie, My Bloody Valentine was hilarious good fun with completely milked 3d effects. If you missed it, don't bother renting or purchasing it. I have a bad feeling this is one of those movies that you actually had to see the 3d to appreciate how gloriously awful the movie was.

Taken would have been decent.... were it not for the fact that they played the squealing-like-a-stuck-pig sound effect over and over again. And, I have to ask.... did anyone else giggle at the fact that Liam Neeson kept finding all these girls in horrible situations and LEFT them there just because they weren't the right girl?

Coraline was amazing. Go. See it. In 3d. Love it.

Continues to suck. I went to a union meeting, which was fun. I sat wedged in a group of union-haters from my job who all had great running commentary on our union (*which is currently being investigated for a world of troubles including misappropriation of the pension and embezzlement).

Are adorable as ever. I ended up adding a bicolor blenny (Wafflemuffin McHamspterpants) to my reef tank to join Emo Edgar (my black percula clownfish) and Russell Crowe (my yellow watchman goby).

Love life
I'mn going to plead the fifth on this one.

I WALKED TO CANADA! Okay, so I drove to Buffalo, but I walked across Rainbow Bridge all because I saw a little sign that read "To Canada >" It was perhaps the weirdest moment ever. Just waltzing into a foreign country for no particular reason other than it was there and I was there. Good times. Although, I was disappointed I couldn't find a unique beer to bring back for my brother, the infamous Johnny Bass.

I finally finished The Golden Torc, the second book of Julian May's Pliocine Exile novels. I kid you not, it basically ends with "rocks fall, everyone dies," including several awesome characters. However, I don't feel all that cheated, because it was kind of a fun book with a pretty cool cast of characters including Brede, a centuries old woman still mourning the loss of her dead husband who *just* so happened to be a spaceship... made from a crystalline algae.

The premise of the books was actually kind of fun. Into the distant future, a professor creates an intriguing curio in the form of a time gate. It only goes in one direction, only functions in one place, and only works in one direction sending things back to the Pliocine era (anything brought forward in time is instantly feels the effects of six million years of time). After the professor dies, his wife, the Madame, is met by a traveler who wishes to go back in time. She allows him and, later, worries she made the wrong decision, that she might have ruined the timeline. However, after a few drinks, the Madame resolves that anything she did wrong by sending him back in time has already happened, and, thus, worrying is a moot point. After that, people decide to go back to the Pliocine era for various reasons. It lures you into a false sense that this is going to be some weird Caruso, but, when they get through to the other side, there are alien people there. The Tanu. It's weird.

So.... yeah.... that's my life. I take care of my pets, go to school, study, work, and paint a little on the side.
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